Workout Routine

How To

One of the reasons some folks don’t workout is because they don’t know what they should do. There is a secret that you need to know which will set you up for success.

Coming to the gym can be an awkward event in and of itself, let alone looking at all the equipment and not knowing how to use it. That leaves many folks who know they “need” to go to the gym choosing to do what they know … walking. They know how to use a treadmill, so they hop on and do some walking. Days to weeks later, they are bored to tears with the treadmill so they have other priorities which prevent them from going to the gym. Ultimately they cancel their membership having never fully accomplished their objectives.

The struggle to get to the gym is the same for everyone. Even the loyalists. There are a few key elements which can make it easier. The first thing is comfort; An odd word to use when it comes to challenging your body in ways which will make you feel something … none the less, you need to feel comfortable in your gym. While we all have different things that make us feel “comfortable”, it’s safe to say a place where the people are friendly is pretty high on that list for everyone. Some folks come to the gym largely as part of their social life and others come here just to “get-er-done”. Regardless of which way you prefer to work out, having a friendly face and folks who are there to help goes a long way to making you more comfortable. Have a clean environment where there are other members who are versed on appropriate gym etiquette is one of those things that helps make your workout time more pleasant.

So we have got you to the gym, but that does little to help you know what to do. So let’s start with what physical activity looks like for you outside the gym. What do you like doing?

For me, I like working in the yard. I can spend a full day mowing, raking, sweeping, cutting trees, burning and just puttering around the yard. Let’s say that I want to clear out some underbrush in the woods as I start to pull out small saplings, move rocks or move fallen branches/trees I don’t let the “how” stop me from getting it done. If that sapling needs to be pulled out, I will tug on it until it yields to my will. The rocks, I honestly don’t know how I ever moved some of them.

In some ways, this is the way you need to view your gym workouts. Its important not to let the “how” stop you from getting it done. That doesn’t mean you come to the gym and just bang around on stuff, but it does mean that you ask for help if you need it. Most all the equipment has instructions on how to use it and proper form, but you can ask any of the trainers how to use something, or me … I am happy to help. YouTube can also be a great resource.

The key here is to do it, right now. Don’t wait until everything in your life is aligned or until you can afford to hire a trainer. Worry less about the how and more about the when.