Thank you

Let me start with thanks. I offer my most sincere gratitude towards the members who continued to support the gym during COVID. Not only am I thankful for your memberships, I am grateful to have gotten to know you and share in your experiences.

I regret to share that I have reached a position where I need to close the gym. This decision was not an easy one, nor was it without a fight. As many of you know, I tried working with the property owner to reduce the footprint of the facility to reduce expenses but there was not a willingness on their part to alter the lease in a way that made sense for the gym. On the heels of that was COVID which brought on its own complications, not just for the gym, but the lives of the members. In February I posted the gym for sale in hopes I could find a buyer who could bring in offerings which I believed would increase membership and allow to maintain the great sense of community which we have developed. Unfortunately, the buyers were not able complete the sale and other buyers opted to double down on their current endeavors rather than taking on more responsibility in this uncertain climate.

I had hoped to meet with many of you in person or on the phone but as the days pass, I realize that it is not practical as the rumor mill will communicate faster than I can. So in an effort to communicate this to you all, I have reluctantly decided to make this public.

I feel incredibly sad that this chapter is coming to an end. I am sorry that this community is coming to an end for all the members. I loved having this experience and am grateful for having gotten to know each of you, sharing in your experiences and seeing you become stronger and healthier. I admire the loyalty and devotion you all have had with your workouts and am inspired by these positive experiences.
Thank you.