Steel Mace Flow

Steel Mace

Definition of mace 
1a: a heavy often spiked staff or club used especially in the Middle Ages for breaking armor
b: a club used as a weapon

You might remember a mace based on the description above. Historically it was used as a weapon but in this article, we talk a little about how the mace has been transformed into a tool to improve your strength, mobility and functionality. The creative use of this tool in the use of Steel Mace Flow (created by Leo Savage), is a combination of strength, balance, form and is performed in a choreographed fashion.

Steel Mace Flow is a relatively new movement practice with the goal/ benefits to improve the body’s strength, mobility, and functionality. Training the body in multi-planar movements while simultaneously wielding a steel mace to offset your weight. Resulting in the activation of major muscle groups and stabilizing muscles.

Once structure is established, and strength begins to grow, individuals can start performing, connecting, and creating flows that allow them to express themselves through this movement practice.

In my experience the mace speaks to everyone in a different way, and it is incredible to witness the creations of others once they have solidified the fundamentals. 

Nathan Oakes

We will be offering a 6-week workshop where we will cover basic hand transitions, development of structure and strength, learn overhead 360’s, and complete and series of eight sequences known as the Master Class Flow. The classes will be each Tuesday night at 6:30pm starting on October 15, 2019.

This workshop size is limited to the first 10 people; You’re assured personal attention and instruction. This price of this workshop is only $250 (averaging less than $42 per session)

Join us and instructor Nathan Oakes on the journey of discovering the practice of Steel Mace Flow.