We have approximately 7,000 square feet of gym space with a cardio area, heavy lifting area, strength training equipment, and an aerobics area for stretching, battle ropes, band exercise, jump ropes or any of a number of other exercises.  We have 4 private restrooms, a private shower, and lockers. We are a locally owned private gym with a focus on a positive gym experience!

The gym is available to members via a secure access card 365 days a year from 4am to 11pm.

Open Gym Membership Rates

Auto-Pay Memberships

Auto-pay memberships are billed one month at a time. So you can plan to pay this one low cost on the same day each month.

Best Price Recurring

Recurring Monthly Membership (auto-renewing):  $39.99

On Track Training Membership

Our On Track training membership includes training and your membership in one package. This is an auto-renewing plan with a three month commitment. The first month includes your membership and 6 hours of training. Each month thereafter includes your membership and 1 hour of training.

First Month: $368.99
Additional Months: $93.99

Auto-pay memberships can be paid with a major credit or debit card or as a direct debit with your checking or savings account.

You can register for your new account here.

Pre-Paid Memberships

1 Month Pre-Paid Membership: $50.00
3 Month Pre-Paid Membership: $146.00
6 Month Pre-Paid Membership: $285.00
12 Month Pre-Paid Membership: $558.00

Pre-paid memberships can be paid with a major credit or debit card or as a direct debit with your checking or savings account as well as cash.

Terms and Fees

Activation Fee – The activation fee is $35 and is a one time fee charged at inception. This fee would not be re-billed again during continuous membership period.
Cancellation Fee – None
Minimum Contract Duration – For auto-pay arrangements, there is no minimum contract duration and you can cancel anytime with a 30 day notice.
Early Termination Fee – None
Cancellation Process – To cancel a monthly auto pay arrangement, simply call, email or stop by.  We won’t pressure you to keep your membership and we will honor the 30 day cancellation without hesitation.  We may ask why you are cancelling so that we can make improvements; if it’s just not working for you, that’s OK too.  We want you to come back, so we will be as respectful in termination as we were at inception!  Your gym membership is active through the cancellation period, so you can continue to use it.
Refunds – Pre-paid contracts are non-refundable and non-transferable. They will not be refunded in whole or in part, nor will they be renegotiated for a shorter term after date of purchase.

Short Term Passes

Day Pass: $15.00
Week Pass: $25.00
Available during staffed hours only.


Drop In

For existing gym members: $10.00
For non-gym members: $15.00

Unlimited classes

For existing gym members: $20.00/month auto renewing
For non-gym members: $40.00/month auto renewing

Personal Training

We offer a variety of pricing options for personal training. Please contact us to find which one would work best for you.

Group Training

Like personal training, there are several options for group training as well. Pricing for group training is as low as $27/per person/per hour.