On-Track Training Program

On-Track Training and Membership Program

Years ago, I had a personal trainer.  I saw him three times a week and being accountable to my appointments with him, I was diligent about getting to the gym.  I saw him for two years and decided to stop the personal training with the intent to continue my progress on my own.  

What ended up happening is that I remembered some of the routine, but I didn’t remember all of it.  In addition, I wasn’t confident about what the weight or even the seat settings were.  My trainer kept track of all my records but I had not, I didn’t think I needed them.  After all, I had gone to train with him for two years!

One other challenge I experienced was that I felt awkward using the equipment and fumbling around for the settings.  This experience was somewhat short lived, but as I progressed, I wasn’t sure when I should increase my weights or by how much.  I was quite clueless.  This was when I realized that I used this skilled trainer as someone to just keep me accountable.  I began to realize that I would have been better served to utilize his skill, but put the accountability on me.   Ultimately, I stopped working out. 

When I restarted my training routine in 2016, I had my trainer provide me with a written workout routine.  With my written workout, I returned to the gym armed with my plan!  This worked really well for me as it encouraged me to figure things out on my own a little bit, but I wasn’t left without a resource.  It wasn’t long after that I was having the same problems of not knowing when to increase the weights or what to substitute if a machine was busy.  So I made another appointment with my trainer to get my plan updated.

Trainers are educated to provide you safe and effective training and that skill comes at a cost, which honestly is a lot for most people to sustain.  It is because of this experience I created the On-Track Training and Membership package.  This package is designed to provide you with 6 hours of training in the first month so the trainer can learn about you, your objectives and arm you with the techniques and a routine to help you achieve your goal, safely and effectively.  This time is also to help familiarize you with the gym and the available equipment.  Then, it is up to you to put what you are learning into practice.

Each month thereafter, you will have an hour to meet with your trainer to address your questions, change your routine or get whatever guidance will help you progress towards your goal.  

It is my intent with this plan that you will be able to utilize the trainers skill-set in the most effective and efficient manner so you can have objective driven workouts without the expense of a trainer at every visit.

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