There is a good amount of information on this site about who we are and where we are going, but there isn’t much telling you about where it all started, so this is a short article to tell you a little about that.

Built in 1952, the Sebago Moc building produced shoes and the famous Sebago Moccasins for years.  Several years ago, the building was renovated into commercial space and a while later, Obie’s Gym began leasing space.  Obie’s Gym originally rented Suite 800 which was comprised of the first two sections with the high ceilings.  Later he built a wall separating the second section into two sections to allow for classes on one side, and cardio on the other.  It remained this way until 2016 when it was purchased by Impact Fitness Centers Westbrook to expand Impact Fitness Center’s available locations to include both Biddeford and Westbrook.  Impact Fitness Centers expanded the Westbrook location to include a 3rd area which is accessed through a short hall.  This new area has suspended ceilings and is currently where you will find most of the strength training equipment.

In May 2018, Impact Fitness Centers Westbrook was dissolved and Right Now Fitness was born.  While there are plans to change the layouts, the square footage and equipment will remain consistent for the foreseeable future.