Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Sometimes you don’t want to have think about what to do for exercise or you want the guidance and inspiration of others. That’s what our fitness classes are all about.

We offer fitness classes for active adults. This is for folks wanting to work out with a more mature group of people at a pace they can keep up with. This class has a focus on core movements and members have noticed a significant change in their stamina, balance and flexibility.

Additionally, we have a core basics class for anyone who wants to become more familiar with core movements while still having a challenging and rewarding workout.

For those looking to be really challenged, we offer so offer several HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes. These classes will challenge people of all fitness levels.

Our classes run from 45-60 minutes and we limit them to 10 people per class. Check out our classes below. You can just drop in, or sign in online.

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