Dan Baker

Over the years I’ve consulted with people trying to meet an array of different goals. Regardless of your age, if you want to lose weight, gain strength, tone, improve mobility or bring your nutrition to the next level; I can assist you with your personal objectives.

Learning proper form, especially in some of the more complicated movements along with the importance of function, balance, moderation, and planning are all critically important for anyone’s immediate and continued long term success. Together, I can help you learn to listen to your bodies’ own subtle cues as we begin making small and steady changes in your diet and exercise routines which build upon one another and lead you to success.

Having lost over 150 pounds a decade ago myself, I know first hand the challenges we face when making changes to our diet and exercise routine.  We all fall down from time to time but it’s the getting back up that builds character & proves ones’ mettle against the many adversities in life. Learning to never give up, digging deep within oneself, then refocusing on the promises & goals that you’ve silently made to yourself and finding the strength to carry on against all odds is what it takes to succeed. Eventually in time by building this way step by step, brick by brick, you’ll look back one day and realize you have achieved something you once never would’ve imagined possible back when you first started.

I’d love to be a part of your success on your journey towards achieving greater health and fitness.

ACE – Personal Training Certification
ACE – Health Coach Certification
Certified Red Cross CPR/AED

(207) 464-8334