January 2020 Member Challenge

Free Stuff

Starting January 1st through January 31st, the member coming into the gym the most number of days, will receive a free months membership. All you need to do, is scan your access card each time you come into the gym.

Let this competition help you get started on your fitness goals and objectives.

Fine print: Must be an auto-pay membership in good standing. Must scan in using access card/fob. Only one visit per day will be counted. Must actually work out (sorry, no scanning in on your way to/from work) 🙂 In the event of a tie, a random name will be selected. Contact us for more details.

Healthy Competition

Right Now Fitness Free Membership Challenge

For the month of August, 2019, we are running a challenge where the person attending the most classes during the month of August will be awarded a free months membership (either a Class Pass membership or open Gym).

During this promotion, be sure to bring in your friends because in the event of a tie, the person who brought in the most guests takes home the prize!

To make it easier for you to recruit friends and family, during this competition non-members can attend their first class free. After this competition, non-members will no longer be offered a free class.

C a T’s March Friday Workout

Concept II Rowing Machine

Here is Cathy and Tom’s Friday workout.

Each of the following exercises were done for 30 seconds, with a 30 second rest in between each exercise. We did them in groupings of two and four sets each. You can adjust the duration or the rest periods as appropriate for your fitness level.

If you would like any guidance on any of these exercises, please see me or one of the trainers.

As with any exercise, listen to your body and stay hydrated. If you are having trouble with these, extend the break time in-between or rest as needed. If you become light headed, sit down and catch your breath. Be sure to get something to drink and ask for help if you need it.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are an old grade school favorite! I remember doing these in the gymnasium during gym class. Start your 30 seconds Right Now.

Plank hop off a box

These Plank Hops are kind of fun. Get in a plank position with your feet on the box (with the box against the wall. Please do not put your feet directly on the wall). Repeat these for 30 seconds, then start your jumping jacks again and complete these 4 times in total.

Alternatively: If you have trouble using the box, you can modify this exercise by using the floor (rather than the box) on the extension movement.

Squat Jacks

This is a great spin on the jumping jacks. Rather than reaching as you would in a typical jumping jack, you would remain in the half squat position the whole time and just jump, moving your legs to the side and jump again, moving your legs to the center position. Repeat for 30 seconds.

1 Leg Burpees

Everyone loves burpees, right? OK, maybe not. Try them on one leg; It helps you work on your balance and builds muscle, it’s kind of fun. Do these for 30 seconds, then return to the Squat jacks and repeat these 4 times.

Alternatively: If you have difficulty doing a full floor burpee, you can modify it by putting your hands on the box (6″, 12″ or 24″ elevation) and completing the exercise like that.

Rowing Machine

Hop on the rowing machine and row for 30 seconds. Simple, right? Well, if it’s simple, then you aren’t pulling hard enough. (haha)

Spin Bike

Hop on the spin bike and pedal fast and hard for 30 seconds. Then jump off and hop back on the rowing machine. Rinse and repeat three more times.

Ab Crunches

You’re getting to the end of this workout, just two exercises left. First, is the Ab crunch. Do these for 30 seconds. Note that you are not looking to curl all the way forward. You want to feel this in your abs not your back. Notice the angle of Cathy’s elbows. They remain at the same 90 degree angle from the top position to the bottom position. Focus on pulling with your abs, not your arms.

Back Hyperextension

Now for your back extension. Adjust the machine so that you can bend at your waist with your feet firmly planted on the rests. Then cross your arms over your chest and lower yourself down. When you are fully extended forward, return to the upright position. In the upright position, you want to be in a straight line, do not curl yourself up (backwards). Just come up to the point where your body is in a straight line and repeat. Do this for 30 seconds. On your last upright movement, grab the handles and slowly put your feet on the ground. You may feel dizzy as you stand up so be careful! Now back to the ab machine you go. Repeat these three more times.

Linda Barr Memorial Membership

Linda Barr

As we go through life, we are blessed with a few friendships which withstand the test of time and we keep them with us for our lives.  These kind of relationships shape who we become as human beings as we adopt the best of their personalities to make ourselves better.

Linda Barr was one of those friends for me.  She and I both worked hard and were looking forward to paying off our homes and retiring. Linda was a thoughtful, generous friend who was always there for me regardless whether I needed help with a project or a life challenge.  She was honest and non judgmental.

Linda was vigilant regarding her own health in the hopes to protect herself from health issues that took other members of her family.  Linda had an inner strength that I truly admired.  She was somewhat militant about her diet, she would set an objective and hold to it.  She was dedicated to going to the gym and following every detail of her trainers recommendations.  Linda’s work was physical as were her hobbies.  By all external signs, Linda was a picture of health.

At Christmas 2015, Linda was complaining that her mattress was uncomfortable and she was having problems sleeping.  In January she went to her Doctor to see if there was something going on medically and found that she had liver cancer and it was already stage 4.  With the help of her best friend since childhood, she moved to Baltimore to see one of the nations leading liver cancer doctors and obtain treatment.  Her family and close friends were by her side when the doctor shared his diagnosis.  I remember him saying, among other things “our objective here is to extend Linda’s life as long as possible and make her comfortable.”  While I heard his words, I couldn’t accept them as real.  I questioned in my mind “why would he say make her comfortable?  That’s something he would say if she was dying.” Linda continued to get treatment in Baltimore for several months before returning home to Maine where she continued her treatments.  During this whole period she had been largely asymptomatic; She remained independent and continued to function and act as though she was going to be OK.  She had me convinced that she was invincible.

In the first weeks of June, she began to experience significant issues.  These were among the first signals where she outwardly displayed how serious her illness really was. On June 18th, 2016, Linda passed.  I was happy that she was at the end of her struggle and now free of pain, but the pain seemed to be transferred from her to the ones that loved her as we grieved our loss.

At the time of Linda’s passing, I had ballooned to my highest weight.  410 pounds.  I was so saddened by her loss, I didn’t know how I could function.  I was scared to live and scared to die, but knew I was headed in that direction sooner than later if I didn’t make some significant changes.

With the help of a friend and mentor, I agreed to go to the gym, once and only for just 20 minutes.  I alleged I didn’t have the time to go because with travel, changing, etc., it was going to take too much time out of my day.  So I went for my 20 minute workout, just once.  While there, he suggested that if I want to see any real results, I really need to go every other day.   I was reluctant, but the 20 minutes went by quickly so I thought, I can do that.  And I did.  I began going to the gym to strength train every other day, and on the days that I didn’t go to the gym, I walked for 30 minutes at home.  I was now getting in 6 days of regular movement and was feeling good that I was consistent (I didn’t do walking on the weekend day).  Eventually, the 20 minutes turned into 25, then 30, then 40 and finally an hour.  While it seems like this may have been an easy transformation, it was anything but that.  I looked for every excuse to avoid going to the gym.  There were a couple days where the parking was inconvenient, so I left.  Other days, I would train and the equipment I wanted was being used, so I skipped those exercises and on one occasion, I turned around and just left.

Despite my difficulties and struggles with excuses, I continued to go.  It took me about a year to take off the first 50 pounds.  This weight loss was the result of my exercise and not my diet, as I hadn’t changed much of anything.  I made some small diet changes, but with great reluctance.  It was at about the 50 pound mark which people were noticing and a co-worker asked if she could join me on my workout.  I was initially indifferent but as time went on, I was really enjoying having a workout buddy.  I would push her and she would push me.  Shortly thereafter another co-worker asked to join in.  The three of us began our workouts together and inspired each other to get to the gym and to do a good workout.  Several months later, a 4th co-worker joined the team.  I was becoming inspired to change my career and thinking gym ownership would be a great direction.  I was feeling so enriched by seeing these people better themselves and exceeding what they previous believed to be their best.

This inspiration continued for several months and I began putting together budgets and forecasts as well as meeting with gym owners about gym ownership.  I began developing a plan for what I envisioned about this hypothetical business plan.  Friends and family shared in my excitement and passion.  By October of 2017, I was informed that the company I was working for was being sold.  I was assured my job would be safe, but I began to consider alternatives so that I could control my future.  I found that in looking for jobs, it was not about the job, but about the money and benefits it would offer.  I turned down several opportunities which I didn’t feel were meeting my minimum financial and benefit needs.  As I considered gym ownership I was realizing that my focus was not on making money (beyond survival); Instead it was about the feeling I was having about improving peoples lives and participating in their self improvement.  I had shifted from the concept of retirement and paying off the house, to going into deeper debt and living a life where I feel more whole.

In February 2018, I made the decision to purchase a gym in Westbrook.  In May, I purchased Impact Fitness.  Since then, I have been busy implementing my vision.  It hasn’t happened as fast as I would like, however we are moving towards success.

One of my visions was to create a memorial membership in honor of my best friend Linda.  I figured if she was alive today, she would be here helping me to get it off the ground, recruiting every person she passed and working out.  People at the gym would love her and her energy.  I would have gladly given Linda a membership at no cost to her.  In honor of her memory, that’s exactly what I am going to do.  I am going to take a monthly membership and give it away to someone who could benefit from it.

I have had several ideas on how and whom to grant it.  One thought was to give it to the person who showed up the most in a month.  Here’s where I am at now, I would like to have a different person benefit from it each month, but it could be for a longer period if that persons need and attendance warranted it.  While I will make the final determination on how it will be implemented, I am not certain how to best utilize it.  It’s a work in progress.

I need you to nominate someone who you know would utilize a gym membership in Westbrook, but their circumstances have limited their ability to have one.  I would like to share this with someone who genuinely wants and needs to be better.  Do you know such a person?  Please complete this form or drop by the gym and let me know.

Can you come out to play?

Children Playing

As a child, I remember coming home from school and asking my mother if I could go out and play.  I rode my little red bike hundreds of miles (about 500) each Summer; all in a 1/2 mile radius.  I enjoyed playing hide-and-go-seek in the corn fields and softball with the neighbors.  In the winter, I would go out skating or sledding and be out until my clothes were completely frozen and the moon was the only light to get me back to the house.  All those trips up that hill when sledding, all those miles on the bike, all that walking … none of it was work, it wasn’t exercise, it was fun.  I looked forward to getting home so I could go out and play; It felt good and it made me happy.

As I reflect, I relate a few elements to this joy.  One significant element was the creativity and imagination of this playtime where I could just pretend.  I had no limits beyond my own imagination.  Another was the social aspect, I enjoyed playing with friends.  It was nice to see my friends and we could be creative in a way I couldn’t when I played alone.  Then there was the physicality of it all.  I didn’t truly appreciate it then, but I recognize it now. I would go out and play and I didn’t seem to have any physical limitations.

Imagine if you could feel that way about your workouts.  Imagine getting out of work at the end of the day, and you are looking forward to going to the gym to “play” with your friends.  The gym can be that place.  There are games, I mean exercises which you can do alone or with other people which make your time at the gym fun.  It could be simply jogging on the treadmill with a friend, or tossing a medicine ball around.  Let’s not leave out the rubber bands, use your friend as an anchor and do some twists.  You will find a smile appearing on your face and before you know it, you will actually be having fun.

I want for Right Now Fitness to become that place you want to go to, a place to have fun.  How do you make your workouts fun?