Best Gym in Westbrook / Gorham area

Best Gym Trophy

What makes a gym the BEST gym?  Is it the one with the best price? How about the best equipment?  Maybe for you its the best classes or the best hours. Others will consider that the best trainers make for the best gym.  For others, the gym closest to their home is the best gym.

What makes Right Now Fitness the best gym is having the best people, not just the best employees and best trainers, but the best members!

While the price, equipment, classes, hours, cleanliness, trainers and convenience are all factors, all that is of little consequence if you feel unappreciated or like an outsider at your own gym. It takes time to develop relationships but the rewards for the effort is significant.  It’s nice to come to a place where you feel like it’s yours.  A place where your voice is heard and where people want you to have a good experience.  That will encourage you to come back and become a “regular” and people will recognize you and say “hey” when they see you.  Slowly, going to the gym becomes more of a social experience.  You want to go for your health, but you also want to go to see your new friends.

People have approached me and asked why I don’t drop the price to $19.95/month.  There’s a couple reasons, one is economics, but for me it’s about having the members come in.  I want to see them, I want to get to know them.  I want to know their names.  The lower price gyms focus on volume and they structure their business in a way that maximizes membership (low price) and minimizes participation and engagement.  Don’t get me wrong, these facilities are the best gym for some people and the low price is an incentive, but the money is wasted if you don’t go.

Right Now Fitness is building a culture of people who share a common goal and are recognizing that engaging with like minded, friendly people make achieving their goals easier.  The community building doesn’t happen over night but seeing it grow is inspiring.  Come by and become part of the fun, right now. 🙂

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