I’m Tom.  I started going to the gym because I had become obese.  Topping out at 410, I injured my back and found that I had difficulty getting out of bed and it scared me.  You might think that this alone would have been enough to compel me to change, but it wasn’t.  I continued, on the same path.  During this time, a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer; this friend was neurotic about her health and it seemed to be another way I convinced myself that if she, with all her discipline could be sick, what hope did I have.  I became increasingly depressed.  I started counseling to cope with the sadness I was experiencing and at the encouragement of my counselor; I agreed to going to the gym for 20 minutes.  Once.  That was all I was willing to commit to.  That was in June of 2016.

I made it to the gym and I remember the feeling.  I was intimidated by the facility.  I felt like the people that went there were not like me.  I feared the glares, the idea that people would talk about me or worse yet, take a photo of me.  I was even worried about what I was going to wear … anything I wore was going to highlight my fat.  But I made it to the gym.  I went through a short workout.  Embarrassed by my poor health, I would try to mask my breathing as I was gasping for air.  But I did it.  Once.

Despite the fear and anxiety, I continued.  It was suggested that if I wanted to see results, I should go to the gym every other day.  So, I did … I committed to 20 minutes every other day.  On the day’s I didn’t go to the gym, I would walk on my home treadmill.  I started walking at 2.5 miles per hour at a 2% incline.

I would return to the gym and follow my routine but I was getting stuck.  The same equipment every other day.  I asked a trainer to give me some new items to do.  Armed with my new routine, I set off again.  I found my workouts getting longer, I was up to 40 minutes and I was becoming resentful.  The one thing I really wanted to try was the leg press, but I just couldn’t do it.  I was too preoccupied with my fear of an inability to get off the machine (gracefully) when I was done.   I started skipping exercises in my routine and rushing through the workouts.  I was finding that I was finding fault with the facility and the people within it.  So I changed gym’s to one closer to my office.  This seemed to reignite my interest.  It had been 6 months and I had taken off about 35 pounds.  This had all been done with no change to my diet, it was all physical effort at the gym.  I am diabetic and was able to reduce my insulin by 120 units/day.  Yes, really.  Anyone that knows anything about diabetes and insulin will recognize how much that truly is.  Just by these two measures, I have had great success.  I was feeling better and staying strong to my attendance.

The weight continues to drop, with the numbers in early 2018 to about 75 pounds.  In my career as an IT Manager for a small insurance agency, I found that my future was uncertain after we were purchased by a larger insurance agency.  This forced me to look inside and see what I really wanted.  To this point in my life, I followed the path that got me what I needed, but did little to fulfill what I wanted.  I wanted to help other people achieve their own successes.  I wanted to hear stories of how their lives have improved.  I toyed with the idea of owning a gym and thought how great it would be to help others learn that they only need to do one thing to get healthier.  They just had to go to the gym, Right Now! There is no time like the present, there is no point too late.  You just need to get started, Right Now.

So, here we are.  I did it, I started my gym.  It will grow based on the premise of fostering a community of people where no one is better than another, no one is incapable.  We are here to help you achieve your goals.  Come in and use the gym to strengthen your body so that you can use it the way you want.  Whether it’s splitting wood, kayaking, biking, or being more mobile and self reliant, there is a routine that will work for you.  This environment welcomes people aged from 20 to 120.  We will help you learn the equipment so that you aren’t intimidated by it.  Oh, and I ultimately tried the leg press and it remains one of my favorites.  Come on in and let’s find your favorite exercise.

Hope to see you at Right Now Fitness, Right Now.