Hi all,

First and foremost, thank you to all the members of Right Now Fitness. So many of you have continued your memberships and I am immensely grateful. We have a wonderful community of people and I am sincerely humbled by the graciousness of our members.

We have received several requests about whether or not we are open and accepting new members. Now more than ever we would love to accept as many new members as we can get; Unfortunately the Governor has instructed businesses to close and as a result we cannot accept any new memberships at this time. The moment we are cleared to open, we will be happy to accommodate everyone!

This event is unprecedented in our society and is something of a sci-fi movie. This virus is creating problems for many. The lucky ones are the ones that will only suffer inconvenience and perhaps some financial impacts. I share empathy with those who are impacted physically and personally by this experience.

I wish you all great health and look forward to looking back on this years from now and recognizing that this is just a moment in time. I believe this shared experience will help us appreciate the fragility of human life and bond us in a way we have never seen before.

Be well and be safe.