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We have an excellent group of experienced trainers. Click on their name to read more.

  • Dan Baker, Personal Trainer at Right Now Fitness

    Dan brings a passion and skill for nutrition and integrative health. With his ACE Certifications for Personal Training and Health Coaching with his other skills, Dan can help you achieve your goals!

  • Cathy Anastasio, Personal Trainer at Right Now Fitness

    Cathy has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She specializes in individual training or small groups and has a passion for sharing her knowledge.

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Our Happy Customers


Have been going to this gym for 2 plus years now. The new owner has made amazing strides in cleaning painting and over all improvement of the facility! I feel welcomed and respected when I am there. Cathy A is a superb trainer to work. Come check it out!

I feel welcomed and respected
Beth Cantor

Great, clean gym with an owner who seeks member input. The owner has been in a lot of sweat equity and it shows. The equipment is well maintained and the other members are friendly and always willing to help you out if needed.

Members are friendly and always willing to help
Kelly MacVane

I have been going to this gym for years and I can say I’m super pleased to see it come alive again. Thank you Tom for your enthusiasm and vision. I highly recommend this gym for anyone of all ages and fitness levels. Tom is a super nice guy. Very engaging. It’s great to see all of his hard work come to fruition. Thanks Tom!!

What a difference
Kate Hill

I was going to leave this gym while it was owned by Impact Fitness, but under the new owner I enjoy coming to workout immensely. Its cleaner and well taken care of and you can tell the owner of Right Now Fitness really cares about his members experience. I’ll be staying here and getting my pump on thanks to him!

The owner really cares about his members experience
Malveillantte Youtube

This gym has been through a lot of changes since it was Obies, but my personal experience is that the new owner has put in a lot of effort to make the gym cleaner, nicer and has taken an interest in keeping the equipment maintained. The people at this gym are nice. Frankly it’s a regular gym for regular people who maybe like to work out and lift hard without all the nonsense.

A regular gym for regular people
Ned Andre

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Cost of a Gym Membership

When considering a gym membership, there are some considerations outside the monthly membership fee which can impact what he real cost will be.  Below are some things to consider. Monthly Membership I occasionally hear people comment that gym memberships are too expensive.  They are generally referring to the monthly fee.  Indeed there are other gyms […]

On-Track Training and Membership Program

On-Track Training Program

Years ago, I had a personal trainer.  I saw him three times a week and being accountable to my appointments with him, I was diligent about getting to the gym.  I saw him for two years and decided to stop the personal training with the intent to continue my progress on my own.   What ended […]

Best Gym Trophy

Best Gym in Westbrook / Gorham area

What makes a gym the BEST gym?  Is it the one with the best price? How about the best equipment?  Maybe for you its the best classes or the best hours. Others will consider that the best trainers make for the best gym.  For others, the gym closest to their home is the best gym. […]